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This page is surely going to be the most difficult one *ggg*, especially since I don't have any pictures of myself in the computer yet... I hope that I'll close this gap with the help of Flo's digital camera in the very near future ;o) Up to then, I guess you know enough *ggg* ... and as I said: there's more to come, maybe even a password-protected section. Some pictures can be found in the friends section, by the way.

But now, before you get to see me, I wanna send special greetz and a big thank you to Sib :o)))) (did I get the colour right?? Something like space-green? If yes, then you know why... *ggggggg*)

Okay, now that's me:

Or wait... I found just one picture somewhere, it's not the nicest one, so I had to change it a bit... (Grigori's birthday party last year, by the way. The guy on the right is Flo, in case you don't know :)))) And if you click "next" often enough, you'll eventually get to the original image *ggg* :o) (no you won't, I just decided. But you'll get close at least.)

Start the journey...

Okay, okay, I'll write somethin' too... inspired by Fri's great homepage ;o) And yes, she's right about the nice walks you can do in Bruchsal *ggg* -- though I still didn't get lost, even though I once tried at night and we didn't know at all where the path would lead us... but we got back to IU in about 1 1/2 hours, which Fri and Savina still beat with their 2 1/2 hours :o)


The short-term goal is to go camping somewhere around IU... and there has to be a Lagerfeuer, too, of course! There are some nice memories reaching back to a camping week-end at my old school... which was really great. Let's see how this will work out. Organizing tents was fun back then... and setting them up when it's already dark and if nobody has seen the principle of these tents before...

There are so many stories to tell... but I'll try to develop some identification system for my web page, first. :o)

And always remember: Keep smiling! :o) That's one of the key assets you can ever have!


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