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[UPDATE jul.14.01] Since the Songs of the day list got a little long, I decided to create an archive that shows all the past recommendations.

[UPDATE jun.17.01] Find out the songs from the latest German TV commercials [lang:GER] Note: I didn't update this one for a while... ;o)

 Songs of the day:
jun.08.02 A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
jun.10.02 Always getting over you by Angela Ammons
jun.08.02 Cheating by Jettingham
jun.06.02 Bad Reputation by Joan Jett
jun.06.02 Here we go by Khadejia feat. Wyclef
jun.06.02 I need a hero by Bonnie Tyler
jun.06.02 Weatherman by Sub7even
jun.06.02 Zu spät by Die Ärzte
jun.06.02 All the small things by Blink 182
jun.06.02 Rods and Cones by Blue Man Group
jun.06.02 Breakfast in America by Supertramp
dec.07.01 Washin' and Wonderin' by Stroke Nine

[Older Recommendations]

Hint: If you're looking for the lyrics of a song, just go to www.google.com and enter the word "lyrics" (without the ""s) and then add some significant parts of the song title or artist; for example, you could look for "lyrics amor mexicana thalia". Or you could look for "lyrics free fallin petty". =O)

Since I have to be careful with hyperlinks to other web pages (some German laws...), I just tell you about it: if you're still looking for a Napster alternative, I can recommend an alternative that's really cool: it allows to share any file type, is (quite) easy to use with still quite a few options, and the number of users is rapidly growing. What I'm talking about? BearShare! You need to find their homepage for yourself, though...

And what I use for playing the music? MusicMatch Jukebox with the DFX Plugin (which I strongly recommend), and, in addition, MixMeister which is real cool for creating smooth transitions between songs (like beat mixing in the clubs). However, MixMeister has some disadvantages for real-time mixing, and for that (and for the next IU party...), I strongly recommend TRAKTOR by Native Instruments. Their homepage is http://www.nativeinstruments.com.


What I listen to? That'll still need to wait, until I find a way to save my playlists in an HTML table ;o) Kidding... let me see what I can still do for this page, but gimme a while to think about it, okay?

Till then, take a look at the "dancing baby" which you'll find on the web, too (animated then, of course) ;o) -- though I didn't find the .exe when I quickly searched for it at google... you can ask me for it, though... and I can e-mail it to you :o)


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