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        I hope I can make this section a useful one... the title leaves room for lots of creativity, so be warned *ggg* There'll be fun stuff, sure, and maybe some useful information, too... depending on my mood, and depending on what you tell me to put on this page :o)


Suggestions to me, please, as always :o)

Okay, first truly useful one: an overview about the various SAP Modules (thanks to Thorsten Sommer) :o)


I'll start with a brief list of some places in Bruchsal to go to in the evenings, got a bit of insider knowledge about the best ones (though I haven't had the chance to try any of them yet... so don't blame me then... this is just to help you) and also how to find them (although I included the maps from http://www.bruchsal-xl.de here... easier I guess...)

Fun, Fun, Fun

Holländer Irish Pub -- heard some good things about it
Journee [no comment... yet]
s'Koe Play pool :o) ("Billard" -- in the new "Merkur Center" close to the train station, Rendezvous)
(Kraftwerk) in brackets because I heard it's nothing really special for the evenings... it's central location makes it a well-known place, too
Miljöö a pretty famous place too, right in the city centre
Zapfhahn famous for "Meterbier" and "Meterpizza", excellent Pizza, good food, student-friendly prices... this implies that you need to be early :o))


Now, to give it a start for the "fun" part, one of the things I find in my e-mail occasionally (note: my attention was pointed to the fact that it's not actually Chinese letters down there, never mind):

And now, before you go on, something I found on Cord's Homepage: listen to something...interesting about the Backstreet Boys :o) (it's a Flash file, so you will need the Macromedia Shockwave Player to view it...)

And, something else dedicated to the ones thinking about (or having to think about) traffic signs... click to enlarge!  

Want some more?? Okay, here we go:


Still want more??? Okay then...



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